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Travel and mask mandates lifted | Jamaica Monitor

Jamaicans and travelers to the island will now enjoy less COVID-related restrictions following the termination of travel and mask wearing mandates. The requirement for travelers to have a negative COVID test three days before entering the island has been lifted. People will, also, no longer be required to wear their masks in enclosed public places. The new state of affairs came into effect last Friday, 15 April 2022. Despite the freedoms that Jamaicans will now enjoy, some think the government

Some Mandeville businesses not adhering to COVID protocols | Jamaica Monitor

Some businesses in Mandeville have completely abandoned the sanitization process since the lifting of the mask mandate back in April. It still remains a requirement for business operators to provide handwashing stations or sanitization equipment at the point of entry of their premises for customers to use. In an investigation, done by The Monitor, nine businesses were identified that are no longer sanitizing customers. Most of these businesses were variety stores and one a pharmacy. Deborah Sam

"Scammer banks?" | Jamaica Monitor

Despite the public outrage about increased banking fees, the National Commercial Bank (NCB) and Scotiabank are still going full speed ahead with their plans. Justice Minister Delroy Chuck have likened banks to cartels and Senator Lambert Brown has called the fee increase terrorism. Many Jamaicans have shared similar sentiments about the change. Karl Bent, a customer of one of the above-named banks thinks the fee hike is too much. “In Jamaican terms, dem too tief. We're in a pandemic, people are

The killing of Shantel Whyte and the absence of justice | Jamaica Monitor

Alton Whyte, the father of Shantel ‘Shanny’ Whyte, is longing for the day when he can get justice for his daughter’s death, but, for now, that day seems a long way off. On Christmas Eve 2019, Shantel was shot dead at a popular supermarket in Mandeville, Manchester by Andre Bromfield. December 31 of this year will mark two years since the killing happened and the case is still on trial. Whyte expressed his frustration with how the trial was being delayed by the rescheduling of court hearings and

Bus and taxi operators flout stipulated fare rates | Jamaica Monitor

Some operators of public passenger vehicles have flouted the 15 per cent fare increase across the island and have been overcharging commuters since it was instituted on 16 August 2021, five months ago. The Jamaica Monitor observed that on the Mandeville to Kingston route, bus operators were charging $550 per passenger despite the stipulated $530. Some taxi drivers along the Mona to Half Way Tree route have been charging passengers up to $150. On the Three Chains to Mandeville and the Davyton

Weak Jamaican currency paves the way for new $2,000 note | Jamaica Monitor

Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke A $2,000 note will be the newest addition to Jamaica’s suite of banknotes and will start being used later this year. The note will feature late former prime ministers, the Most Hon Edward Seaga and the Most Hon. Michael Manley. Minister of Finance, Dr Nigel Clarke made the announcement in last Tuesday’s 2022/23 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives. Minister Clarke said studies have shown that there is a need for anot

Christiana Health Centre's unsafe practice | Jamaica Monitor

Some outpatients at the Christiana Health Centre are dressing their own wounds at homes after being provided with the materials through the Health Centre. On November 5, the Jamaica Monitor observed a nurse giving an outpatient wound dressing material so that he could perform his own dressing at home. This was done because the patient in question arrived at the Health Centre outside of the time slot in which dressings were done. The patient did not want to be interviewed. Another patient of th

Committee Updates

Practicing Zero -Waste Without Wasting Your Coins In an era where people have become more environmentally conscious, it is important for all of us to be aware of the ways in which we can put that consciousness into action. That’s where ‘Zero-Waste’ can come in for you. ‘Zero-waste, as the word suggests, is the elimination of as much waste as possible thereby reducing the amount of garbage accumulated. According to Bea Johnson, a zero-waste activist, there are 5 principles of zero waste. • Refus

The Long Pension Process for Retired Teachers

Although Colley started the pension process in 2019, the first real sign of development came in October 2020 after he wrote a letter to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education. He was called to the Education Ministry on October 27 and was told that they would try to locate his file. On the 30th of the same month, Colley’s file was found and on November 8, all his relevant documentation was completed to be sent over to the Ministry of Finance for payment. Colley visited the Finance